Do not buy memorabilia without photo proof!
All our shirts, balls, gloves come with a photo of the sports person signing the item and have individual serial numbers telling the buyer what date it was signed, where it was signed, and what pen it was signed with. All our products are photographed at the time of signing.

Autographed sports memorabilia is identified by the authenticated, certified signature of a professional athlete. The most reputable methods of obtaining authentically autographed memorabilia is by, obviously, personally obtaining the autographs yourself, but this can be extremely difficult to do, or buy from well known, established licensed companies or their authorized dealers.

These licensed companies enter into contracts with the superstars and the athletes sign exclusively for their company for the duration of the contract whether short term or long term. The company then provides certification, numbered and registered tamper proof holograms for the autographed items with a company witness at private signings or through publicly held, company sponsored major signing events. Some items may also be authenticated further by a professional league representative such as MLB, NFL, etc. Because of the stringent standards applied to the autograph certification process by these companies, collecting autographed memorabilia can not only be a fun hobby, sometimes it can also be a good investment.

Framed Items
All of our framed items are professionally framed at GesBur Framing Studios. This ensures a quality, professional frame that will last and protect the memorabilia for a long time.